Hello! I paint, write, and meander through the woods occasionally.


For my fellow artists. Tips, tricks, art snippets...

CSP Tutorials

ClipStudio Tips for artists on various topics: camera shots in animation, perspective, painting and so on.

Light Novel

I'm currently writing a light novel, titled "Playing Checkers in the Rain". On my social media there you can find quotations and illustrations from it.

Light Novel

Playing Checkers in the Rain is a mystery thriller novel, with a mix of magical realism. Currently at the early stages of development, the plan is to first finish publishing it and later adapt to a series.

I have taken the approach of web novels, so I upload chapters online as I write them.

You can read it here.

A worn-out reporter stumbles upon a shocking conversation. Its contents will scandalize the world if uncovered. With a heart newly-reignited with journalistic passion, she puts her life on the line to deliver the truth to the people.